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Alan Green. Solo guitar music for your wedding, party or event. Get in touch now.

Youíre getting married? Itís your birthday and youíre having a party? You have an important presentation to new clients? You need a musician. Time to pick your music.

Alan Green has performed world premieres with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Essex Guitar Orchestra, solo festival appearances at the Hertford Music Festival Musical Mystery Tour in 2012 and 2013, ensemble festival appearances at Alnwick, Hitchin and Harwich, and has a regular solo show which he performs at restaurants, music societies and corporate events.

Alan provides a program of light classics, film songs and favorite melodies spanning 500 years, including Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic classics,  masterpieces of the great 20th century Spanish composers, the occasional bit of jazz and some good old flamenco; the perfect musical backdrop to your wedding reception, family occasion or corporate event. Fully insured against public liability.

So, what music do you want to be playing when you walk up the aisle, or for your special occasion? Wagner? Pachelbelís Canon? Bach? Something special to you and your partner? Itís time to start thinking whatís going to make your day, your occasion or your event exactly what you want it to be. Listen to our sampler too - itís on the ďMusicĒ page or you can click here.


And if you want to learn to play the guitar yourself, Alan gives lessons; see the lessons page.

Letís talk: e-mail for details at or call +44 (0)1371 870232/ +44 (0)7986 929643.

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